Bobby Van’s Hot Dogs

Regrettably, there was very little for me to dislike with the hot dogs from BV Burgers. I found the guac and sautéed onions a pleasant blend. Indeed, it is difficult to imagine onions and hot dogs not blending nicely but the guac did not intrude, it complimented. The chili dog relied heavily on the chili for taste, but when the chili is that good, the dog can be made of recycled egg cartons and still be delicious.

I can’t speak too highly in my reviews. The dogs were a tad on the thin side and perhaps over cooked by 45 seconds. The guac had a tint of olive color too it. The fries needed a half Tsp more salt. I was really expecting the dogs to come in some sort of hermetically sealed container lined with precious metals. 2% of my chili and guac got left behind on the wrapping, which is an obvious call for the aforementioned hermetical sealing. The sun is a little brighter than I’d prefer today. I’m just so sick of Justin Beiber I want to punch her in the face. I had a martini last night. 4 is greater than 2.

Bobby Van’s Hot Dogs: 4/5 stars if you get the delicious toppings at a dollar a pop. If you just buy a plain old dog, why in hell are you getting it from BV’s? Just go to BV’s source, the dirty-water dog guy on the corner of 46th and 6th.

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