Lindt LINDOR Vanilla Truffles

This is my review of the Lindt LINDOR Vanilla Truffles.

As I removed the wrapper, I was not surprised to find what appeared to be a standard Lindt truffle, of which I have consumed far more than any human should reasonably expect to live through. Lindt describes it as a “white chocolate shell infused with vanilla [surrounding] an irresistibly smooth vanilla white chocolate center”.

To which, I call bullshit.

I would describe it as a “white sugar-crack shell infused with something you can’t see or taste [surrounding] an irresistibly smooth white sugar-crack center”

The center was firm. Much more firm than the gooey stuff you find inside the brown truffles. The shell was pure sugar-crack and the infusement seems nothing more than a marketing ploy. It pretty much just kept the inside from falling out. Overall it was an effective means of delivering sugar-crack. However, I could tell no difference between this sugar-crack and Lindt’s other white “chocolate” (aka sugar-crack) offerings.

The bottom line:

Let’s face it. If you eat white chocolate, its not because it tastes like something. It’s because its made of sugar-crack and that makes you all warm and fuzzy inside. Or it makes you talk really fast. Or both. Two sugar-crack fueled thumbs up


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