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Kellari – 19 West 44th Street

They say of themselves “The perfect place for lunch, business meetings and intimate dinner events. Serving the freshest Greek Mediterranean Seafood in New York City.” You want to know what annoys me? People, places and things that tell me how great they are. You want to know what REALLY annoys me? People, places and things that are as great as they annoyingly just told me.

The service was good and fast and I never fought an urge to slap the waiter. The food was good. None of it talked back or made fun of me. Kellari was on its way to break the 99 star review threshold. Then it happened. I saw something in the back of the restaurant and I had to investigate. They had the fresh fish on this big mountain of ice on display for all to see. “Last night I was a little fishy in the ocean” then BAM, now you are lunch waiting to happen with your still cold carcass splayed out for all to see. A little barbaric don’t you think? I’m pretty sure the Geneva convention has a thing or two to say about that. I mean, when they get Kony, he’s going to be charged for doing pretty much the same thing.

I can’t believe society allows this kind of behavior just because of great atmosphere, succulent crab cakes (albeit the sauce was ‘meh’), outstanding vanilla ice cream with a kiwi slice hidden at the bottom, and a fine and exotic greek coffee that, alone, was worth the trip.

I’d recommend the delicious Spanakopita, but I’ve just discovered Kellari has a blog. Come on… You are a restaurant! You can’t type, you have no hands.

Any other similar location would get 4/5. I’m going to toss the extra star at Kellari because it was so unassumingly good at being 4/5.


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