I’m not sure that’s the name of the place. I’m not sure that’s an actual name. But that’s what I’m going to call the roughly147th Irish pub to open recently in the greater Times Square area. If you have no perspective on the Irish-pub-per-square-foot statistic I’m describing, just imagine 4 football fields aligned in a grid and make sure each field has a minimum of 30 Irish pubs. Each one should have a dark mahogany bar. Each should be poorly lit. Each shall have a red or green facade and there shall always be one television showing soccer. Here’s the real head scratcher. Each will serve nachos and quesadilas.

This is a negative review of O’Donkeykongs pub. Why? Because its a fucking Irish pub serving Mexican food. Care to guess what used to be at that location before O’Kee-doe-kee’s opened? A goddamn Mexican restaurant!

Everything about O’Clahoma’s pub is identical to the other 146 Irish pubs in the area with the exception of having one of the cuter red headed, Irish brogued waitresses. Beyond that there is no point in giving any Irish pub any review at all because they are all exactly the same. Want a review anyway? OK. “They’re fine”

That said, I want my Mexican restaurant back. It was the only one. We didn’t need O’Doughnut’s pub. We already have O’Lunney’s, Connolly’s, Perfect Pint, St. Andrew’s, Pig n Whistle, O’Brien’s, Eamonn’s and Langan’s within (drunken) stumbling distance to name a few.

Final thought: The nachos werent bad. o’dugehughe’s pub is a rare place that carries an Irish pear cider, so I’m anxious to go back. Two uncommitted thumbs pointing firmly neither up nor down.


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